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We are excited to offer information related to Arizona Liquor Laws, and offer services that can help you and your staff prepare for liquor events knowing what bases to cover so you don’t get shut down, fined, cited, or find yourself in jail.
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What we can do for you…

How do my employees become certified? How often do I need to keep my information updated? What happens if I just simply “didn’t know”? Great questions, we have the answers to help you get up and running, or stay up and running without any problems. Custom courses with proper papers to prove yourself and event if ever questioned.

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About Me

With over 15 years in the Law Enforcement sector and 11 with the Arizona Department of Liquor, we know what you need to know. Simple as that.

Noticing there are very few places that restaurants and staff can get clarification about scenarios involving liquor with no answers, and the risk of massive fines, fees, penalties, and jail time, we decided to create AZJLA to provide accurate information, and offer training programs to assist those further into the profitable world with liquor options. We look forward to offering the best information available regarding liquor policy/laws, and courses that will make your life in the liquor business, less confusing and increase your knowledge. Learn More